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About Exit International USA

Exit International USA is based in Washington state in the US.

About Exit International

Exit International is a leading Voluntary Euthanasia / Assisted Suicide information & advocacy organisation based in Australia.  Exit was founded by Dr Philip Nitschke (PhD, MBBS) in 1997 after the over-turning of the world's first Voluntary Euthanasia law - the Rights of the Terminally Ill (ROTI) Act.

Exit has a small staff secretariat and has offices is Australia. Exit USA is based in Bellingham (WA). Exit is supported by an active network of more than 50 volunteers around the world.

The average age of Exit members is 75 years.  Most Exit International members are well although around a third of all members are seriously or terminally ill.

Exit's internal polling has found that most people join Exit because they believe in a person's right to make informed decisions about when & how they may die.  The vast majority want to be prepared for the contingencies of the future & consider an end-of-life plan a responsible course of action.

A significant minority of Exit members are seriously or terminally ill.

Exit's principal activities include:

  • Exit Public Meetings - community meetings are free & open

  • Exit Seminars - for those aged 50 years & over / seriously ill & others with special reasons

  • Peaceful Pill Online Forums - private online discussion board for exchange of information

  • Local Chapters (branches) - where members come together to discuss their thoughts & ideas

  • Research & Development - into various end-of-life approaches that are reliable, peaceful & dignified

  • Advocacy - where Exit lobbies to affect legislative & political change

  • Exit Publications - Deliverance newsletter (published 6x a year)

  • Ongoing updates to The Peaceful Pill eHandbook

  • Exit Conferences & Social events

For more information about Exit International, please visit our website