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Exit Inert Gas Flow Control Kits

Exit's Inert Gas Flow Control Kits are available from HERE.New Helium Kit

The fitting ships with a pressure gauge, plumbers tape & 2.1m plastic oxygen tubing.

About Exit's Inert Gas Flow Control Kits

The control of the flow of a gas such as Helium is an important part of the successful use of the Hypoxic (low oxygen) method.

The tap provided on commercially available, disposable 'Balloon Time' Helium cylinders is not designed to provide such control. To solve the problem Exit has developed a simple jet gas flow control which replaces the nylon and rubber valve provided with the cylinders (see cylinder fittings above right).

A full cylinder has a pressure of ~ 1700 kPa (220 psi).  This should be checked before use.  With the coupling modification (shown), a cylinder can be switched on fully and the initial gas flow to the bag will be ~ 15 litres/min.

About 20 minutes of useful flow follows, before the rate drops below 5 litres/min. See graph of pressure, flow rate &  gas volume plotted with time for the large (420 litre) and small (250 litre) Helium cylinders below (Graph #1 & #2).

Operational time is the period the system will provide the necessary gas flow rate to ensure there is no build-up of CO2 inside the Exit bag. The minimum flow has been determined to be ~5 litres/min (see graph #3 below). Operational time for the large cylinder is ~ 20 minutes.  For the smaller ~ 12 minutes.

Videos detailing construction  (including videos) of the flow control kit, along with more detail on the Flow Rate, Pressure & Volume changes with time for small (250 litre) & large (420 litre) disposable Helium cylinders, are featured in Chapter 5 of The Peaceful Pill eHandbook.






 Graph #1

Helium flow rate v. time with Exit jet flow control

420 Litre Helium Cylinder







 Graph #2

Helium flow rate v. time with Exit jet flow control

250 Litre Helium Cylinder



Graph #3

Carbon dioxide concentration inside Exit Bag

20 litre/min & 5 litre/min flow rates