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The Law regarding Assisted Suicide and Euthanansia

Different countries have various assisted suicide laws, research yours 

Free speech

 The Peaceful Pill eHandbook is published in the USA where freedom of speech is protected by the United States Constitution, and thus we can print and publish online our guide to assisted suicide options. This is because in countries like Australia (the homeland of the authors), there is no right to free speech. 

In Australia, for instance, the Government has free reign in deciding what does and does not get published.  Via the Government's own 'Office of Film and Literature Classification', all publications in Australia must be submitted and classified by a panel of 'experts'.

If a classification decision is objected to, the offending material is then reviewed by a 'Classification Review Board'.  Membership of these panels is signed off by the Australian Attorney General.  There is no independent review mechanism in this country.   In addition, Australia has strict  assisted suicide laws on related materia, and it is essentially illegal to own that kind of material.

The Australian Customs Act was amended in 2001 to "prohibit absolutely the importation of devices [and documents] that are designed or customized to be used by a person to commit suicide or to be used by a person to assist another to commit suicide. The Act states "the Government considers that the importation of these goods into Australia is not in the public interest.

Uneven scales

And then there is the Suicide Related Materials Offences Act (2006) which prohibits the use of:

  • telephone

  • email

  • fax

  • internet

To discuss the practical aspects of assisted suicide/ voluntary euthanasia.

Finally, there Mandatory Internet Filtering, the so-called "Clean Feed". 

Designed to prevent Australians' access to a secret blacklist of over 1000 websites - of which this site is one - the so-called "Clean Feed" policy will filter websites at ISP level, the Australian government maintains its intention to mandatory Internet censorship.Access denied

If this takes place, the Australian Government will join the governments of China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Burma and Nth Korea in deciding for its citizens what they shall or shall not read.

To email your thoughts to Senator Stephen Conroy, the Minister driving this policy, click HERE.

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