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Exit Seminars are two-part meetings.

The first part of an Exit Seminar discusses the right to control one’s own death in the context of a civil rights model.

The legislative history & current political status of Assisted Suicide & Voluntary Euthanasia around the world is also outlined.

The second part of the meeting examines the myriad topics raised in The Peaceful Pill eHandbook. Meetings also include an extensive opportunity for audience Questions & Answers (Q&A).

First Part Topics

  • History of VE/ AS around the world
  • Euthanasia as a civil right: the ideological split of the right to die movement
  • Legal status quo – what you can and can’t do
  • Advance directives & living wills
  • Testamentary & legal capacity issues

Second Part Topics

  • Rational suicide, voluntary euthanasia & the law
  • Exit’s Reliability – Peacefulness Test
  • Hypoxic death, gases, dangers, ratings & legal issues
  • Poisons, carbon monoxide, cyanide, detergents – risks, safety & legal issues
  • All about drugs: overdoses, prescription drugs, pain drugs & myths/ dangers
  • The old fashioned barbiturates: testing, shelf life, administration issues & legals
  • The Swiss options for foreigners
  • Living wills, death certificates, autopsies, inquests, wills & testamentary capacity, family counseling etc


The next London UK seminar will be held on Saturday 10 June at 1.30pm at Dragon Hall, 17 Stukeley St, London. More details on

Book Club

June 10

Dragon Hall


Saturday 10 June

17 Stukeley St London WC2B 5LT