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March 22, 2020

The Last Day of Her Life – New York Times

The Last Day of her Life, Robin Marantz Henig

17 May 2015 When Sandy Bem found out she had Alzheimer’s, she resolved that before the disease stole her mind, she would kill herself. The question was, when? Sandy Bem, a Cornell psychology professor one month shy of her 65th birthday, was alone in her bedroom one night in May 2009, watching an HBO documentary […]

Sandy Bem

November 18, 2019

Final Exit Network on The Peaceful Pill Handbook

And here is what Final Exit Network (USA) recently said about  the Peaceful Pill eHandbook: The Peaceful Pill Handbook is a comprehensive reference describing practical methods of self-deliverance, including analysis of advantages and shortcomings of each. The electronic version describes new developments and provides updated contacts. Final Exit Network recommends that its members and clients […]