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A to Z List of Internet Nembutal Scams (as of 31 Oct 2018)

The following websites and/or contacts are run by scammers and have NO association with Dr Philip Nitschke or Exit International.

For the most up-to-date list of Internet scammers, see the ‘Nembutal Scams’ Chapter in the online Peaceful Pill eHandbook.

Please DO NOT email Exit asking for sources of Nembutal or to sell you Nembutal because we will not answer your email.

Need to Know about Buying Nembutal Online

  • For legal reasons, Exit does not and never has dealt in drugs. If anyone tells you otherwise, you can be sure you are dealing with a scammer.
  • Scam sites change all the time.
  • The addresses listed below were correct as of 31 August 2018. This is not to say they are correct on the day you are reading this information. Be warned.

Below is a Selection of Scam Nembutal Websites as published in the Peaceful Pill eHandbook

For the full list see the eHandbook.


Barbiturate Online Store <>

Berlin Pharmacy <>

Best Nembutal <>

Buy Nembutal On-Line <>

Buy Nembutal <>

Buy Real Nembutal <>


Cameroon 1. El-Hazzi Jal – Saeed <>

Cameroon 2. “Derek” <> Tel + 273 676 1644 79 & + 1 6267 250 821


Die with Dignity <>

Dignified in Death <>

Dr Hardy – see Shawn Hardy


Euthanasia International <>

Euthanint <>

Exit International Group <> & <>


Glomedstore <>

Glorious End <>


Info Nembutal <>


Jonas <>

Jones from Peaceful Pill Directory <>

… etc etc etc

If you have been scammed or would like to report a scam website, you are welcome to email us at