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February 17, 2018

March 2018 to Feature Lessons from Assisted Suicide Trial of Suzy Austen

On 12 February 2018 in Wellington New Zealand, a court trial began featuring Exit’s former Wellington Chapter Coordinator Suzy Austen. Suzy has been accused of importing Nembutal into NZ and assisting a fellow Exit Member in her suicide. The trial is set down for 2-3 weeks. Exit Director Philip Nitschke is present in the public […]

December 24, 2017

Newsweek: Meet the Elon Musk of Assisted Suicide

Newsweek, Nicole Goodkind

Meet the Elon Musk of Assisted Suicide, Whose Machine Lets You Kill Yourself Anywhere Dr. Philip Nitschke considers himself the Elon Musk of assisted suicide—and his latest death machine, the Sarco, is his Tesla. Newsweek spoke with the 70-year-old doctor immediately after the state of Victoria in Australia, his home country, voted this week to legalize […]

December 21, 2017

Tech Problems

Important Notice to Subscribers The Peaceful Pill eHandbook is currently experiencing technical issues. We hope to have the site live again shortly. Our apologies. Team Exit ECT: 8.10am, Thursday 21 December 2017

December 1, 2017

New suicide pod for humans comes with built-in coffin

International Business Times

Philip Nitschke ‘s 3D-printed ‘death pod’ will let users ‘die peacefully and reliably’. A 3D-printed “death pod” has been created by Australian scientist and euthanasia advocate Dr Philip Nitschke which will let users die “peacefully and reliably” with the press of a button. First teased last month by Nitschke, who critics have dubbed Dr Death, […]

November 23, 2017

Nitschke says Victorian euthanasia bill ‘unworkable’

Philip Nitschke has described the Victorian government’s voluntary assisted dying bill as the “world’s most unworkable end-of-life law” as he warned the legislation would not satisfy all those seeking ­assisted suicide. The country’s leading proponent for assisted dying and head of Exit International congratulated the Victorian government for passing the bill through the upper house, […]



September 10, 2017

September 2017 Update: Lethal Inorganic Salts

In recent months there has been much research and discussion about the use of certain inorganic salt substances to cause a peaceful and humane death in feral pig populations in the Australian outback. As humans and pigs share a similar physiology, Exit has since been researching, and is now writing, about the usefulness of such […]

August 29, 2017

Emerging US Lethal Drug Mixtures

In recent months, US physicians have devised several new drug combinations to help patients deal with the crazy hike in the price of Nembutal for an assisted death. In States where assisted suicide is legal (Colorado, California, Vermont, Washington & Oregon), new 3- & 4-drug protocols are now being employed. These combinations are based on […]

August 26, 2017

Our Aged have Earned the Right to Leave Us if They Wish

Philip Nitschke As the Euthanasia issue heats up again in Victoria, many in the community are wondering aloud what the fuss is all for. For some, Victoria’s proposed law will represent an historical breakthrough. Since the Northern Territory’s Rights of the Terminally Ill Act was quashed by Federal Parliament 20 years ago, Australia has led […]