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June 15, 2019

Correction to Derek Humphry Assisted Suicide History Chronology

This week the Godfather of the Assisted Suicide movement, Derek Humphry, made an unfortunate, but significant, omission in his chronology of the history of Assisted Suicide laws up to and including June 2019. Exit is certain that this was nothing more than a sleight of the pencil, but in these days of ‘alternative facts’, the […]

Sydney Morning Herald Euthanasia article



June 5, 2019

The Death of Noa Pothoven

5 June 2019 I guess it was bound to happen. An attractive young Dutch girl would be given euthanasia. Or would she? The furor that has erupted over the death of 17-year old Noa Pothoven was fake news waiting  to happen. Here was a girl who was raped and abused and who said she could […]



June 3, 2019

June PPeH Update – Online Nembutal Scams

The June 2019 update to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook offers the most in-depth listing yet of online Nembutal scammers. This revised list includes What’s App, Facebook as well as email and website addresses / numbers and has been compiled by an Exit investigative researcher who is contracted precisely for this task. Too many people continue […]

Nembutal Scam Site

May 9, 2019

Sarco @ Venice Design 2019

3D-Printed ‘Sarco’  @ Venice Design 2019 Palazzo Michiel, Grand Canal, Venice The world’s first 3D-printed, euthanasia pod ‘The Sarco’ is currently in exhibition at Venice Design until 24 November 2019. ‘Where art meets its end’ … After three years in development, the world’s first 3D-printed euthanasia machine is now on display at the Palazzo Michiel […]

Sarco in Venice Design

April 23, 2019

Forthcoming Update to Feature the ‘Rebreather – Debreather’

Marketed as a ‘safety rescue device’, the Rebreather – Debreather Mark II was unveiled at NuTech in Toronto in 2017. Since this time, significant R&D has taken place.  The Debreather constitutes a legal method that provides an undetectable death. And its shelf-life is infinite. A safety rescue device, it will soon be available for sale […]

The Rebreather Mark 2

March 3, 2019

March 2019 PPeH – Dying in Switzerland: the Benefits & Pitfalls

Switzerland is the only country in the world where a foreigner can get lawful help to die. Switzerland is also the only country in the world where a person does not have be sick, suffering or disabled to get help to die. This is because the Swiss Penal Code contains a unique article, through a […]

January 26, 2019

Workshops & Livestreams

LIVESTREAMS In 2019, Exit launched a regular series of Livestreams from Amsterdam (& Venice). The two-hour sessions are conducted in English. Attendance in person /via the web is FREE for current members of Exit International and current subscribers to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook (all language editions). The sessions are recorded, with the recordings made available […]

January 22, 2019

The Korean Method – January 2019 PPeH Update

Exit’s latest PPeH update provides a new chapter on the ‘finger techniques’ discussed by Sth Koren spy, Black Venus. Now the subject of a new documentary, Park Chae-seo aka Black Venus, famously states that he never carried the infamous cyanide pill.  Rather, he was taught to kill himself with his own fingers. ‘The Korean Method’ […]