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Handbook Page of Contents

End of Life Considerations

Suicide & the Law

The Peaceful Pill

The Exit ‘RP Test’

Hypoxic Death & the Exit Bag

Carbon Monoxide

Lethal Inorganic Salts

Detergent Death

Introduction to Drugs

Drugs & Vomiting

Drug Options: Morphine & The Opioids

Drug Options: Propoxyphene

Drug Options: Amytriptyline

Drug Options: Chloroquine

Drug Options: Insulin

Drug Options: Chloral Hydrate

Drug Options: The Lethal Mixtures

Drug Options: Nembutal

Availability of Nembutal & Legal Issues

Internet Nembutal Scams

Testing & Storage of Nembutal

Administration of Nembutal

The Peaceful Pill Project

The Swiss Options

Final Considerations

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