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Not sure if the Peaceful Pill Handbook is for you?

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Handbook Page of Contents

Chapter 1: End of Life Considerations

Chapter 2: Suicide & the Law

Chapter 3: The Peaceful Pill

Chapter 4: The Exit ‘RP Test’

Chapter 5: Hypoxic Death & the Exit Bag

Chapter 6: Carbon Monoxide

Chapter 7: Cyanide

Chapter 8: Detergent Death

Chapter 9: Introduction to Drugs

Chapter 10: Drug Options: Morphine & The Opioids

Chapter 11: Drug Options: Propoxyphene

Chapter 12: Drug Options: Amytriptyline

Chapter 13: Drug Options: Chloroquine

Chapter 14: Drug Options: Insulin

Chapter 15: Drug Options: Chloral Hydrate

Chapter 16: Drug Options: Nembutal

Chapter 17A: Availability of Nembutal & Legal Issues

Chapter 17B: Internet Nembutal Scams

Chapter 18: Testing & Storage of Nembutal

Chapter 19: Administration of Nembutal

Chapter 20: The Peaceful Pill Project

Chapter 21: The Swiss Options

Chapter 22: Final Considerations

Please note – You must be aged 50 years or over/ or seriously ill to subscribe to this publication.

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