PPeH Update Webinars

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Update Webinars are valid for 12 months or until expiration of your subscription to The Peaceful Pill eHandbook (if not renewed).

Subscribers will need to register for each upcoming Update Webinar.

Exit Members can register for free at the  the
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  • Called ‘PPeH Update Webinars‘, as their name suggests, the Update Webinars will be held each time a substantial update is made to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook.
  • Substantial updates to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook are made between 6 and 12 times every year.
  • Updates are made because the end of life choices field can be fast-changing & there are always new developments.
  • The idea behind the Update Webinars is to lead subscribers through the content of each Update.
  • The Update Webinars will answer broad questions regarding content & allow for audience Q&A.
  • Subscribers and Exit Members will be notified by email of upcoming Update Webinars along with announcements on the Peaceful Pill Handbook website.


  • PPeH can be used across all devices inc iPads/ iPhones & Androids (no 3rd party software needed)
  • Note – this edition of the eHandbook is not available for reading on Kindle. It is not a Kindle ebook.
  • eHandbooks are subject to VAT depending on the country of purchase (EU VAT rates range from 6% – 27% depending on the country; print books are taxed at flat 9%)

The Peaceful Pill eHandbook ranks the most important, effective & peaceful end-of-life strategies according to Exit’s unique Reliability-Peacefulness-Availability (RPA) Test.

The live, online format allows the book to be regularly updated, ensuring the most up-to-date information is available to readers/ watchers.

* If you are not over 50 years of age, please do not waste our time by buying the book! Your purchase will NOT be honored.


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