The Peaceful Pill Print Edition 2016

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The Peaceful Pill Handbook 2016 Print Edition brings Seniors/ Folk who are seriously ill, 22 Chapters of essential information on end of life choices that are peaceful and reliable.

NOTE: The ONLINE Peaceful Pill eHandbook is available HERE

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The Handbook provides practical information delivered in lay language to empower all folk of sound mind who want control over their end of life choices.

The 2017 print book is based on the January 2016 edition of The online Peaceful Pill eHandbook.

More information is available at the Peaceful Pill Website


Chapter 1 – Introduction
Chapter 2 – Suicide & the Law
Chapter 3 – The Peaceful Pill
Chapter 4 – The Exit ‘Reliability-Peacefulness’ Test
Chapter 5 – Hypoxic Death & the Exit Bag
Chapter 6 – Carbon Monoxide
Chapter 7 – Cyanide
Chapter 8 – Detergent Death
Chapter 9 – Introduction to Drugs
Chapter 10 – Drug Options – Morphine
Chapter 11 – Drug Options – Propoxyphene
Chapter 12 – Drug Options – Amytriptyline
Chapter 13 – Drug Options – Chloroquine
Chapter 14 – Drug Options – Insulin
Chapter 15 – Drug Options – Chloral Hydrate
Chapter 16 – Drug Options – Nembutal
Chapter 17 – Availability of Nembutal
Chapter 18 – Testing & Storage of Nembutal
Chapter 19 – Administration of Nembutal
Chapter 20 – The Peaceful Pill Project
Chapter 21 – The Swiss Options
Chapter 22 – Final Considerations
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About the Peaceful Pill Handbook

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This book is only available to readers who are 50 years and over, of sound mind (or have an alternative good reason for wanting this information – so please ask us). Anyone with a serious illness is welcome to purchase this book regardless of age.

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