The Peaceful Pill Handbook
Print Edition 2023

The Essentials print edition is the superior, condensed & updated version of the best-selling Peaceful Pill Handbook . The Essentials provides readers with easy-to-understand, practical information about end of life choices. The aim is to enable the reader to develop their own DIY Exit Plan (insurance policy for the future).

Please note – the current shipping time is generally 4 – 10 weeks from day of dispatch. Exit assumes this is because of the war in Ukraine and related transport problems in Europe. If you urgently need information, it is best to subscribe to the online edition instead.



The Essentials Handbook is the superior condensed version of the original Peaceful Pill Handbook.

As its name suggests, The Essentials provides the most important Need 2 Know information in one easy location.


  • Sedative drugs
  • Cardiac drugs
  • 5-Drug Mix
  • Supplmentary drugs
  • Inorganic Salts
  • Inert Gases (inc the DeBreather)
  • Poisonous Gases
  • Sarco
  • VSED (voluntary stopping eating & drinking)
  • VAD – MAiD Laws around the World
  • Switzerland
  • Failure & Resuscitation
  • Reliability – Peacefulness Table

The book is published, printed & shipped from the Netherlands. Please allow up to 10 weeks for shipping.

More information is available at the Peaceful Pill Website

About The Essentials (print edition)

Exit publishes a print book series for people who:

•   want a print book
•   are not often online
•   have no interest in receiving updates
•   are not interested in online forums

Conditions of Sale

This book is available to readers who are 50 years & over (photo ID required) & of sound mind. Anyone with a serious illness is welcome to purchase this book regardless of age.

This print book contains

•    No updates
•    No membership of Exit’s Online Forums

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