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April 19, 2021

The Pushback: Towards a New Human Rights Debate

In early April, Dutch activist group, CLW launched legal action against the Dutch state arguing that the prohibition on assisted suicide and assisted suicide drugs should be abolished. The Pushback: Towards a New Human Rights Debate is the topic of Exit’s 21st Podcast.

If self-determination is a fundamental human right, CLW argue and if a nation State keeps this so-called right un-exercisable, it makes the right a false one and the State is, thus, acting unlawfully. The April ‘The Pushback: Towards a New Human Rights Debate’ Podcast seeks to examine the recent constitutional court decisions in Germany and Austria – decisions which serve as the model for the recent Dutch actions of group CLW. We examine, too, the plans of Ultime Liberte in France to follow suite, arguing that ‘fraternity’ a concept enshrined in the 1958 French Constitution is similarly worthy as a basis for a legal challenge towards individual autonomy.

The Push Back: Towards a New Human Rights-based Debate