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September 6, 2020

Facebook Prevents Man Live-Streaming his Death

Facebook says it will prevent a Frenchman suffering from an incurable disease from broadcasting live his own death. Alain Cocq, 57, was planning to air his final days after starting to refuse food, drink and medicine on Saturday. President Emmanuel Macron had previously rejected his request for euthanasia. Mr. Cocq wants the law in France […]

Alain Cocq

August 17, 2020

Sean Davison Struck Off in NZ

IOL Cape Times, Francesca Villette

Cape Town – Euthanasia advocate Professor Sean Davison’s plans to move back to his birth country have been abandoned after he was charged with professional misconduct and struck off the medical register in New Zealand. He said he still failed to understand why “helping three men to end their unbearable suffering” made him unfit to […]

August 14, 2020

NuTech 2020 Online Conference

The NuTech 2020 conference will be held 16.00 (EST Amsterdam) on Saturday 26 September, 100% online. Visit the Conference Website at NuTech is held every other year & focuses upon the use of new technologies to provide a peaceful & reliable death. Discount Attendance US$30 for PPeH Subscribers & Exit International Members. Public – […]

July 26, 2020


For many years, online Nembutal Scammers have duped and deceived the elderly and those who are seriously ill into parting with their money with the promise of ‘no questions asked’ mail-order Nembutal. 99.99999% of these websites are scams!! To help put an end to this ‘con’, Exit has launched a new Stop Scams website where […]

Stop Nembutal Scams



July 19, 2020

Is Pentobarbital Cruel & Unusual Punishment?

Michael Balsamo, AP

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (AP) — The federal government on Tuesday carried out its first execution in almost two decades, killing by lethal injection a man convicted of murdering an Arkansas family in a 1990s plot to build a whites-only nation in the Pacific Northwest. The execution of Daniel Lewis Lee came over the objection of […]




May 21, 2020

Doxit Podcasts – new regular discussion by the authors

The Doxits is a regular series of podcasts with the authors of the Peaceful Pill eHandbook. Drs Philip Nitschke & Fiona Stewart discuss updates to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook as well as covering the main Assisted Suicide/ Voluntary Euthanasia news of the week from around the world. All podcasts are listed on this website under ‘Podcasts‘ or you […]

Doxit Podcast



February 8, 2020

Sarco Opens @ Cube Design Museum NL

With Venice Design 2019 now closed, from Tuesday 11 February 2020, Sarco is on display at the Cube Design Museum in Kerkrade as part of a new exhibition titled: ‘Verwacht: (Re)design Death’ is a new exhibition of ‘Dutch and international design projects related to death and the rituals surrounding it.’ Corona Update – Please note […]

Sarco opening night at Cube Design Museum

January 8, 2020

Livestream – Helsinki Finland

The first Livestream for 2020 was  held on Thursday 6 February 2020 in Helsinki, Finland. The Livestream comprised 2 parts: An Exit public meeting titled ‘End of Life Rights as the Ultimate Human Right’. Outline & discussion of the ‘DeBreather’ The recording of this Livestream will be posted in the coming days on the final […]