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April 14, 2024

Belgium’s Cutting-Edge Debate

In Belgium this week, the Chairman of the health fund, Christian Mutual, Luc Van Gorp, has said that those who feel that their life is complete, should be able to end it.

In an interview with the Belgian newspaper, Nieuwsblad, Luc Van Gorp said that he wants people at the end of their lives to …

March 17, 2024

Princess Di used as Click Bait by Right to Die France Youth Group

Daily Mail

Friends of Princess Diana have reacted with anger and revulsion after a ‘vile’ advert used her fatal car crash to promote euthanasia.

The sickening campaign shows a picture of a mangled car in a tunnel with the caption: ‘Diana. She did not choose her death… in 2024, we should have the choice.’

It provoked an …



March 2, 2024

Poison seller tied to suicide forum tracked down by BBC

BBC News

By Angus Crawford and Tony Smith

A Ukrainian man selling a poison thought to be linked to at least 130 UK deaths has been identified by the BBC.

Leonid Zakutenko advertised his services on a website promoting suicide and he told an undercover reporter he sent five parcels a week to the UK.

He has …

February 26, 2024

Man took assisted dying drugs meant for someone else

Yahoo News

A man who took a voluntary assisted dying substance intended for someone else was found dead at home by his adult daughter, an inquest has heard.

“I thought he was asleep in the chair. I put my arms around him. He was cold,” the woman said.

The Coroners Court in Brisbane on Tuesday opened the …

January 29, 2024

Alabama Carries Out First U.S. Execution by Nitrogen

Alabama Carries Out First U.S. Execution by Nitrogen reports the New York Times

Alabama carried out the first American execution using nitrogen gas on Thursday evening, killing a convicted murderer whose jury had voted to spare his life and opening a new frontier in how states execute death row prisoners.

The execution of the condemned …

January 24, 2024

Nitrogen execution method, critics are raising doubts

Associated Press, Kim Chandler

Alabama calls nitrogen execution method painless and humane, but critics are raising doubts

Kenneth Eugene Smith, who survived Alabama’s previous attempt to put him to death by lethal injection in 2022, is scheduled to be executed by nitrogen hypoxia on Thursday. If carried out, it would the first new method of execution since lethal injection …



December 16, 2023

Who is alleged serial killer Kenneth Law?

Who is alleged serial killer Kenneth Law and what is he accused of reports the National Post.

Here’s what we know about Law, who was arrested in May 2023 following a Times of London investigation into his alleged crimes

An Ontario man accused of operating several websites that sold mail-order suicide kits in Canada …

December 3, 2023

Court Rules Voluntary Assisted Dying = Suicide

The Federal Court Rules Voluntary Assisted Dying is the same as Suicide under criminal law, meaning doctors who give patients information about euthanasia over the phone could face criminal charges reports the Courier Mail.

Federal Court Justice Wendy Abraham on Thursday ruled the term “suicide” as used in the Commonwealth Criminal Code Act 1995 …

November 23, 2023

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October 15, 2023

Pyschiatric Illness & the Young in the Netherlands

Just before his death last Wednesday, 31-year old Dutchman David Mulder, made one last emergency appeal: lower the threshold to die for people with unbearable mental suffering.

Dutch TV program, Khalid & Sophie, broadcast David’s last interview, the day before he died.

“I am in distress,” Mulder said at an otherwise empty talk show table …