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General Article

March 29, 2020

COVID-19 PPEH Update Coming in April 2020

In recent weeks, Covide-19 has changed our collective reality in ways we never imagined, and can never roll back. The high death rate from COVID-19 among the elderly raises important questions that we all want answered in the context of assisted suicide, voluntary euthanasia, MAID and VADs: What is a COVID-19 death like? What is […]

March 22, 2020

50% Discount on PPeH Subscription for Exit Members – Only

In this time of Corona and Exit’s subsequent cancellation of our 2020 workshops, we are pleased to offer current financial Exit Members a 50% discount on the online Peaceful Pill eHandbook. The special discount price for Exit members is US$42.50 (regular price $85) for 24 months. Use the code ‘exitgood’ at the check-out. Subscribe Exit […]

March 19, 2020

Exit Workshops go Livestream in June-August 2020

In this time of Covid, Exit International will be holding a series of 3 live-streamed workshops on Assisted Suicide, Voluntary Euthansia, MAID/ VAD matters as follows. Confirmed Livestream Workshops 2020 Australia/ NZ Saturday 20 June @ 15.00 AET (13.00 in the West) USA/ Canada Saturday 18 July @ 11.00 CDT (12 noon Eastern, 9.00 Pacific) […]

March 15, 2020

Korean Collar Update

A Good Spy Story? Everybody loves a good spy story. Nowhere is the story better than with South Korean spy ‘Black Venus‘ aka Park Chae-seo. In a 2018 interview, Black Venus stated that unlike North Korean spies, he was never issued with cyanide pills. Instead he knew how to kill himself by applying pressure to […]


February 8, 2020

Sarco Opens @ Cube Design Museum NL

With Venice Design 2019 now closed, from Tuesday 11 February 2020, Sarco is on display at the Cube Design Museum in Kerkrade as part of a new exhibition titled: ‘Verwacht: (Re)design Death’ is a new exhibition of ‘Dutch and international design projects related to death and the rituals surrounding it.’ Corona Update – Please note […]

January 15, 2020

Now Available – January 2020 Update on ‘The DeBreather’

The first update to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook for 2020 focuses on the new R2D DeBreather device. After its launch at the Toronto meeting of NuTech in October 2017, where it shared the NuTech Prize of USD5000 for R&D breakthrough, the DeBreather has undergone further refinement and is now available. Details exclusive to the January […]

January 13, 2020

Wall St Journal: My 100 Love Letters to My Dying Father

Two days before Christmas, my father told me he was thinking about shooting himself. It was the winter of 2014, and we were alone in his guesthouse in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I remember the cold electricity of the moment. I sat down on the coffee table and stared at him, blood ringing in my […]

January 8, 2020

Livestream – Helsinki Finland

The first Livestream for 2020 was  held on Thursday 6 February 2020 in Helsinki, Finland. The Livestream comprised 2 parts: An Exit public meeting titled ‘End of Life Rights as the Ultimate Human Right’. Outline & discussion of the ‘DeBreather’ The recording of this Livestream will be posted in the coming days on the final […]

December 24, 2019

A design for death: meeting the bad boy of the euthanasia movement

The Economist 1843 Magazine, Mark Smith

It’s a sunny autumn morning in the Jordaan, Amsterdam’s chocolate-boxiest district. Over tea in a modishly renovated maisonette, a voluble Australian 72 year-0ld wearing round glasses and fashionable denim is regaling me with his new-year plans, which involve “an elegant gas chamber” stationed at a secret location in Switzerland and “a happily dead body”. My host’s […]

December 5, 2019


The Peaceful Pill eHandbook is a dynamic, ever-changing online book that includes videos. Believe it or not, the end of life rights debate is a fast-changing field. New information comes to hand all the time. This is why there is an online edition of the Peaceful Pill eHandbook. So the authors can bring you, the […]