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November 23, 2023

Black Friday Sale 2023

It is Black Friday again and Exit ePublishing is pleased to offer signifcant discounts on our top books.

Peaceful Pill eHandbook – ONLINE edition

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October 29, 2023

Nitrogen Update – Coming in December 2023

The December 2023 Update to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook will focus on the issue of Nitrogen.

In recent months, the gas has come under intense scrutiny as the US State of Alabama pushes ahead with its plans to use the gas in the course of its capital punishment regime.

The Washington Post reports that prisoner …

October 29, 2023

Memo from Switzerland by Sean Davison

Exit’s new Swiss Assistance Programs have been going exceptionally well for our members who prefer the option of an assisted peaceful death in Switzerland.

It is a requirement of Swiss law that a person receiving a Voluntary Assisted Death (VAD) in Switzerland, have their identity confirmed by a witness (or a dental X-ray).

For various …

October 15, 2023

Pyschiatric Illness & the Young in the Netherlands

Just before his death last Wednesday, 31-year old Dutchman David Mulder, made one last emergency appeal: lower the threshold to die for people with unbearable mental suffering.

Dutch TV program, Khalid & Sophie, broadcast David’s last interview, the day before he died.

“I am in distress,” Mulder said at an otherwise empty talk show table …

October 1, 2023

Calls for Examination of Dementia Euthanasia Cases

Calls for Examination of Dementia Euthanasia Cases reports

Prominent Dutch Centre-Left political party, D66, wants more focus on euthanasia dilemmas in cases of advanced dementia according to

Many doctors experience emotional strain and uncertainty when requesting euthanasia from patients with dementia.

This is according to research by the Radboudumc.

During the …

September 10, 2023

Why I am voting YES says Exit Founder

It is not often that I stray into mainstream politics, but the forthcoming Australian Referendum on a Voice to Parliament is one issue that I cannot stay silent about.

I am voting YES because Aboriginal people have received a raw deal from us white Australians for over 200 years (to put it mildly).

Genocide and …

August 13, 2023

VAD Law must be More Ethical than Recent Police Tactics

Online Opinion, by Dr David Swanton

Although suicide is legal and the ACT Government is working to legislate for voluntary assisted dying (VAD), recent insensitive actions of police in Canberra suggest that police think suicide is illegal.

Welfare checks

What happened? In recent months, police have conducted so-called welfare checks on elderly Canberrans.

This sounds innocuous, and commendable, if the checks …