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November 26, 2020

2020 Black Friday Sale

Welcome to Black Friday (& Cyber Monday) at the Peaceful Pill Handbook. We are offering 30 – 50% off all Books! 2020 Discounts 33% Discount – The Peaceful Pill eHandbook Online Edition Extra 12 Months (36 not 24 Month subscription = 33% saving) Applied at Checkout 30% Discount – Peaceful Pill Handbook 2020 Print Edition […]

Black Friday Peaceful Pill Handbook Sale

November 8, 2020

10% Sale – All Books – to mark a return to the civilized world!

Love Joe Biden or not, one thing is sure and that is with this change of government, the tenor of public discussion throughout the western world will take important turn for the better. Exit hopes and expects that the basic human traits of decency and civility may return to the lives of us all regardless […]

November 2, 2020

November NNN Update – Now Available

The November 2020 Update to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook focuses on the 3Ns: Nitrogen, Nitrite & Nembutal. This update is now available. Previous 2020 Updates include: The R2D Debreather The Korean Collar Updates on Peru & Mexico The COVID-19 Death USA Drug Mixtures (D-DMA) The Lethal Salts Subscribe Now Log In Now

November Peaceful Pill eHandbook Update

October 4, 2020

Posts satirize euthanasia law, saying Hawaii bought ‘passing assistance pods’

USA Today, McKenzie Sadeghi

Fact check: Posts satirize euthanasia law, saying Hawaii bought ‘passing assistance pods’   McKenzie Sadeghi   | USA TODAY The claim: Hawaii bought dozens of ‘passing assistance pods’ following the legalization of assisted suicide Social media posts across Facebook are sharing a satirical view of euthanasia, claiming Hawaii purchased 30 “passing assistance pods.” The claim originated on a satirical Facebook page, […]

Euthanasia Sarco Machine invented by Philip Nitschke

October 4, 2020

October 2020 Updates – 2 Updates in 1 Month

October 2020 has seen 2 updates to the online Peaceful Pill eHandbook. Update No 1 – featured new information on the potentiation of the Salts & a warning of changes on the Dark Web. Update No 2 – is on page 332 (Eng edition) and concerns Nembutal. Log In & Read Now Subscribe Now

October Update PPeH

September 26, 2020

Exit Snippets – Mini Online Workshops

Coming in 2021 Exit Snippets Commencing in January 2021, Exit International will be conducting monthly Exit Snippets (mini, online workshops). What is an Exit Snippet? Mini, online workshop of up to 70 minutes duration including participant Q&A Focused each month on a different topic based on the online Peaceful Pill eHandbook Topics will be announced […]

September 24, 2020

The Irish Times view on assisted suicide

The Irish Times - Editorial

TD Gino Kenny’s Dying with Dignity Bill has reopened an important debate about the right of doctors to assist the terminally ill end their lives at a time of their choosing. The argument, supporters insist, is not about undermining an imperative to preserve life at all costs, but personal autonomy in end-of-life care. In Europe, […]

September 6, 2020

Facebook Prevents Man Live-Streaming his Death

Facebook says it will prevent a Frenchman suffering from an incurable disease from broadcasting live his own death. Alain Cocq, 57, was planning to air his final days after starting to refuse food, drink and medicine on Saturday. President Emmanuel Macron had previously rejected his request for euthanasia. Mr. Cocq wants the law in France […]

Alain Cocq

September 6, 2020

Podcast with Activist Sean Davison

In 2011, Sean Davison pleaded guilty to the attempted murder of his mother, Dr Patricia Ferguson, who was dying of cancer. Sean helped Patricia to die when her hunger strike failed. He served 5 months home detention in New Zealand for his compassion. In 2020, Sean entered a plea bargain of guilty to the murders […]

September 1, 2020

Sept 2020 PPeH Update: New US Lethal Mixtures

The September Update contains two brand new Chapters 1. The Physiology of a Good Death This new Chapter explains the way in which death is brought about by various methods from a physiological point of view & includes discussion of: Hypoxic Hypoxia (eg. Sarco) Hypemic Hypoxia (eg. Nitrite) Ischemic Hypoxia (eg. Chloroquine) Histotoxic Hypoxia (eg. […]

PPeH Sept Update