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General Stuff

The Peaceful Pill Handbook  - Essentials is a shortened, condensed version of the original Peaceful Pill eHandbook.

The online PPeH Essentials has replaced the original online PPeH.

Only the PPeH Essentials is now updated.

The original PPeH had become too big and too unwieldy to read (however it remains available in the form of Appendices (attached to the online Essentials edition only).

Existing subscribers to the former PPeH can transfer on application & free of charge to the PPeH Essentials. CLICK HERE to apply to transfer.

The Peaceful Pill Handbook  - Essentials edition Contents are here

Purchase Stuff

Generally speaking, you must be over the age of 50 years & of sound mind (no psychiatric illness) to subscribe to The Peaceful Pill eHandbook Essentials.

Of course, exceptions can be made if you are seriously ill.

The Peaceful Pill store accepts debit and credit cards from all countries, as well as SEPA in Europe and Ideal in the Netherlands.

Since 2018 it has been widespread practice by credit card companies to use 2-factor authentication.

This means that in addition to having to provide your card’s CCV 3-digit number on the back of the card, you will need to be using a card that has an added layer of security such as a OTP (one time password) that is sent to you by SMS or you may be referred to your bank or card issuer’s portal or app where you will need to enter a further password (one that you have previously chosen).

If you are having trouble with the store it may be because your card is not set up with 2-factor authentication. So have a chat to your bank, get this issue sorted and try again. And fingers crossed then it will work.

The subscription period is 24 months. In the last month of a subscription, subscribers are invited to renew at 50% discount for a further 24 months (3x notified). The discount is only available if one renews within the period of the subscription.

Exit International's privacy policy can be read here.

Tech Stuff

No, you do not need special software or programs.

The eHandbook can be read on laptops, desktops as well as Android tablets, iPads, iPhones & Android Phones.

The current Peaceful Pill eHandbook is not available as a Kindle publication. An old 2011 Peaceful Pill Handbook can be bought on Kindle.

Click the Login button at the top right of the PP website homepage.

When you get to the first page, click on the right side of the page as indicated by the red arrow.

To flip pages you can click in the grey area on the right (or left) side.

After flipping through a few pages a popup window will appear. Simply enter your username and password and click on Login.

Clicking on this icon on the top left bar will bring up a navigation menu on the bottom to easily flip through pages.

There is no print option for the online Peaceful Pill eHandbook. This is a safeguard against the book being pirated.

Each subscription to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook allows the subscriber to access the book on up to 3 devices and a cookie is set in order to identify these devices.

Therefore, it is important that you allow to set a cookie in your browser. Browsers usually allow this automatically. You can learn how to allow cookies on various browsers here.

Also, please be aware that when using 'private browsing' or 'incognito mode' on some browsers, as well as the Tor Browser, each session is counted as coming from a different device since this does not allow setting the said cookie.

If you have allowed the to set a cookie but still get an error message, it may be that your anti-virus or clean-up program is wiping the cookie. Without the cookie Yudu will read each subsequent log in as unique (new computer), eventually locking you out when the allocation limit is reached.

Exit is unable to offer personalized advice on a subscriber’s unique security settings. In most cases, a program’s ‘Help’ files should contain the information required.

However, if you are locked out we can reset your allocations, so contact us.

The eHandbook is not available for download.

Updates & Upgrades

Because the DIY end of life choices field is fast changing, and because the Peaceful Pill eHandbook is published online, changes can be made on an ongoing basis in order for the most up-to-date information to be made available to readers.

Exit makes ongoing changes to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook to ensure that readers have access to the most recent, up-to-date information in this fast-changing field.

Updates are ONLY available to subscribers to the online Peaceful Pill eHandbook.

The publication date can be found on Page 3 of the Peaceful Pill eHandbook.

By way of information, if you have the eHandbook, your book will automatically update each time you log in. So you will always be looking at the most up-to-date version which includes all updates.

Only subscriptions to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook include 24 months of updates. The print edition of the Peaceful Pill Handbook is published anew annually.

Yes, if you purchase the print book direct from us (and not from Amazon), you can upgrade to the online Peaceful Pill eHandbook at any time and get a discount of 50% on your new eHandbook subscription.

Use coupon code: epph50 when placing your order in the store

We will check our records for your proof of purchase of the print copy.

Online vs Print

The print Peaceful Pill Handbook - Essentials  is a traditional print book. What you see at the time of purchase is what you get.

The online Peaceful Pill eHandbook - Essentials edition is a subscription that lasts for 24 months. The online edition is continually updated. The online edition also contains videos & provides access (on approval) to the Peaceful Pill forums.

Peaceful Pill Handbook Series

Online Print

Purchase Options

24 month subscription Single edition only


Online version has this feature Printed version does not have feature

Reliable, Accurate, Science-based Information

Online version has this feature Printed version has feature


Always up to date Current at time of publication


Online version has this feature Printed version does not have feature

Peaceful Pill Forums

Online version has this feature Printed version does not have feature


Online version has this feature Printed version does not have feature


The Amazon print Peaceful Pill eHandbook edition is an 18+ book with no age verification or identification safeguards.

The Amazon edition provides general information only. It contains no specific information about drugs or other methods.


Snippet recordings are available free for Exit Members & at fee for Subscribers to the online Peaceful Pill eHandbook. Access is via the Exit International website.

The recordings of Exit’s Pandemic Snippets can be found on the Exit Website



Online Webinars are open to Exit Members (free) and PPeH Essentials Subscribers (at fee).

We are sorry but Webinars are only open to Exit Members and PPeH Essentials Subscribers.


The Peaceful Pill Forums are a unique online conversation space. The focus of the forums is wide-ranging and includes Q&A based on the Peaceful Pill eHandbook. The forums also contain threads that are social in nature to help Exit Members and Subsribers get to know one another within a supportive, kind network of like-minded folk.

No. The Peaceful Pill forums are only for Exit Members & Subscribers to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook.

To qualify you need to be a PPeH subscriber/ Exit member, aged 50 years or over, of sound mind, or have another good reason why you want/ need to join.

You can apply to join here.

You will be asked for photo ID upon joining. A one month wait period may apply to new subscribers & new Exit members.

Photo ID is required for forum membership because Exit has a strict system of safeguards to ensure forum members are all over 50 years of age & of sound mind. If you are not prepared to provide video photo ID, please do not ask to join the forums.

Can’t find your answer in the PPH FAQs?
You are welcome to contact us.