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The Peaceful Pill Handbook series on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide is published in online & print formats

1. Online Edition – Peaceful Pill eHandbook

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2. Print Editions – Peaceful Pill Handbook


* Amazon will not ship the PPH to Australia. This is presumably due to the banning of the book in 2007 by the then Attorney General, Philip Ruddock.

Australians must order the book from Exit International directly.

In late 2006 the Australian Office of Film and Literature Classification (the national censor) rated the book R18+.

Right to Life Australia & Philip Ruddock (as Attorney General) appealed the decision and won (when does a Federal Attorney General not win?).

As some sort of sick joke, in 2016 Ruddock was appointed as Australia’s Human Rights Envoy to the UN. 

Ruddock is currently Mayor of the Sydney shire of Hornsby (another sick joke).

As a rational, adult Australian if you object to Philip Ruddock’s ability to decide what you can / cannot read, you can tell him what you think by emailing him at:

* Exit direct edition prices exc. shipping.

What you see is what you get at the time of purchase.

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All prices exc shipping/ tax.

The Peaceful Pill Handbook covers the practical issues for a peaceful death within the context of: voluntary euthanasia (VE), voluntary assisted dying (VAD) and assisted suicide (AS) for the elderly and seriously ill.

For example, people suffering from breast cancer or prostate cancer, diseases such as ALS, Lou Gehrig disease, Motor Neurone Disease, MS (multiple sclerosis) will find special value in the Handbook‘s information on drugs – including their administration, potentiating, shelf life and testing, gases – such as nitrogen, argon and helium, devices – such as the R2D Debreather, the ‘Koren Method’ and Cogen, and legal issues such as living wills and advance directives (especially within the context of the COVID-19 pandemic). The Handbook also explodes the myths surrounding the use of opiates to end life.

Other people who will find The Peaceful Pill eHandbook valuable will be those in their senior years who want to plan ahead and who may not wish to involve the medical profession in their end of life decision-making.

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