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The Peaceful Pill Handbook series on euthanasia and assisted suicide is published in two formats, online and print.

Online Edition – Peaceful Pill eHandbook

    • available on 24 month subscription basis
    • updated up to 6x per year
    • contains 50+ videos
    • allows access to Peaceful Pill forums (on approval & after 1 month wait period)
    • can be printed from live URL secure link
    • can be accessed on an Laptops, PCs, iPad/ iPhone & Androids with no 3rd party software required
    • Subscribe with Credit or Debit Card or Bitcoins
    • 24 month subscription – USD85

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Print Editions – Peaceful Pill Handbook

There are various print editions:

  • 2017 Print Edition (USD$80 + shipping)
  • 2016 Print Color Edition (USD$50 + shipping)
  • 2016 Print B/W Edition (USD$40 + shipping)
  • 2013-14 Print Edition (USD$25 + shipping)
  • Hardback, full color, A4 size large font (coffee table edition)

Note: The print editions contain no updates and do not include access to Exit’s online forums. What you see is what you get at the time of purchase.

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Black/White Print 2016 Edition – Buy Now

2013 Print Edition – Buy Now

The Peaceful Pill Handbook covers issues including: euthanasia and assisted suicide for the elderly and the seriously ill.

For example, folk suffering from breast cancer or prostate cancer, diseases such as ALS, Lou Gehrig disease, Motor Neurone Disease, MS (multiple sclerosis) will find special value in the Handbook’s information on drugs – including their shelf life and testing, gases – including use and dangers, along with legal issues including the living will and advance directive process.

Others who will find The Peaceful Pill eHandbook valuable will be those in their senior years who want to plan ahead and who may not wish to involve the medical profession in their end of life decision-making.

Print or Online Verions? How to Choose

Digital Version of the handbook Printed version of the handbook

Peaceful Pill Handbook Series

Online Version PPeH Printed Versions PPH

Purchase Options

24 month subscription Single edition only

Publication Formats

Updated regularly Single edition at time of purchase

Reliable, Accurate, Science-based Information

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Always up to date Current at time of publication

Over 50 real time Information Videos

Online version has this feature Printed version does not have feature

Peaceful Pill Forums (on approval, 1 month wait period applies)

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