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Exit International’s Right to Die Philosophy

At Exit we believe that every adult of sound mind should have access to the option of a good death, at a time of their choosing. Not only people who are terminally ill.

A good death requires sound & considered decision-making. Informed decision-making depends upon access to the best reliable and practical end-of-life information.

The Peaceful Pill eHandbook – Essentials edition provides exactly this information.

Sydney assisted dying rally 2005

Sydney assisted dying rally 2005

Exit Online Workshops

During Covid, Exit International held monthly online Snippet Workshops based on The Peaceful Pill eHandbook – Essentials.

A total of 10 workshops were held. Recordings of these workshops (Snippets) are now available on subscription to  PPeH Subscribers and free for Exit Members.

In 2022, Exit held a short series online Update Webinars. These webinars were hosted by Dr Philip Nitschke.

In 2023, live Exit workshops returned.

Update Webinars are free for Exit Members

$40 Subscription – current PPeH Subscribers

For more information on Update Webinars

Are our Books for you?

Access to reliable, end-of-life information is critical to being able to make informed decisions about one’s life and death.

Some readers will want this information in the context of palliative care.

Others will see an end of life plan as an ‘insurance policy’ for the future.

A well-considered ‘right to die’ plan is an important part of overall life-planning (for instance like an Advance Directive).

Most importantly, while many people hope they will never need to use this information, most of us want to know that we have a choice, just in case.

What does the Law Say about the Right to Die?

The law says that ending one’s life after careful consideration and in the context of serious illness or advanced old age is not a crime.

However, asking a loved one to help you is against the law. In other words, helping can attract harsh penalties in some countries.

Therefore, it makes sense to plan ahead.

Who Inspired Us?

As authors, Philip Nitschke and Fiona Stewart acknowledge the pioneering work of Dr Jack Kevorkian and Derek Humphry (author of Final Exit).

Our views were also consolidated in the writings of the late Dutch Supreme Court Judge, Huib Drion.

Final Exit was the first book to treat euthanasia or ‘self-deliverance’ as a civil right. To clarify, Final Exit provided information that enabled readers to plan ahead.

Together, these activists have written much of the history of the voluntary assisted dying movement.

Exit International first published the print Peaceful Pill Handbook  in 2006. This book has been updated regularly ever since.

The online Peaceful Pill eHandbook – Essentials is updated most months.

Our books are available in German, Dutch, French, Italian and Spanish editions as well as in English.

Philip Nitschke explains Exit's right to die philosophy

Exit International Workshop, West Australia