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June 16, 2024

New Revised Lethal Salts Chapter

The June 2024 Peaceful Pill eHandbook Essentials update features a whole-of-chapter update on the Lethal Salts.

The sale of sodium nitrite is currently in the headlines as the trial of Canadian former chef (and, according to Wikipedia, ‘sodium nitrite salesman’) edges closer.

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The number of alleged victims is increasing and the seriousness of the situation can not be downplayed.

The ‘other salt’ – sodium azide – is also in the news in the Netherlands with the pending sentencing (in early July) of the members of the Cooperation Last Will (CLW) who have been prosecuted for allegedly distributing sodium azide amongst their members.

June is, therefore, the perfect time for an update to discuss these legal machinations along with issues such as sourcing and using these substances for an elective peaceful death at a time of one’s choosing.

Note – age restrictions apply for the Peaceful Pill eHandbook and video ID verification processes apply.