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July 9, 2023

A Tale of 2 Cases of the Salts

This week in the Netherlands, the Dutch Prosecutor is arguing that the infamous ‘Alex from Eindhoven’ should receive a four-year prison sentence for supplying the end of life drug Middel X (sodium azide).

The State alleges that at least 10 people have died after taking the substance supplied by Alex.

The trial is currently taking place in the Court in Den Bosch.

This is the first criminal case on Middel X.

It is argued that over a period of almost three years, Alex supplied lethal drugs by mail to anyone who requested them.

Middel X (sodium azide) is not prohibited in the Netherlands (or is most other countries) because it has other uses. However, it is no longer on sale to individuals. One needs a registered company and company number to purchase Azide in the Netherlands.

In a second charge, it is alleged that Alex also provided anti-vomiting medication: something which is illegal to provide as it is only available on a doctor’s prescription.

The Court has heard that the actual number of people who used Middel X to die is unknown. One thing that is certain is that the figure is expected to rise sharply in the future as it is alleged that Alex sent the drug to at least 1600 people.

While police have traced the deaths of 30 people who transferred money to Alex when they were alive, a further 14 people are known to have died after taking Middel X.

Extra Charge

The Prosecutor is urging the Court should to make an example of Alex, by making it clear that assisted suicide outside of euthanasia law ‘cannot remain unpunished, even if it is done with the best intentions’.

In his defence, Alex is claiming that he has autism: a disorder that diminishes his criminal culpability.

The Court has also heard that Middel X is by no means a guarantee of a peaceful death.

It is argued that Alex ‘knew the drug could be used by young and vulnerable people, but just went ahead [anyway]’.

At no time did Alex investigate the personal situation of people who ordered the drug.

Rather, Alex is alleged to have relied on others such as the Last Will Cooperative (CLW) to vet people ahead of time.

Alex has always maintained that he was trying to give people the option of a DIY human death.

The Prosecution is arguing that since Alex earned tens of thousands of euros, he is also guilty of money laundering.

The Prosecution expects to prosecute ten more people for the supply of Middel X.

Dueling Prosecutions?

At the same time that the Dutch State is prosecuting Alex from Eindhoven for the supply and distribution of Middel X – the charge is assisting a suicide – so the Canadian authorities are preparing to prosecute Ken Law for the same offence, but with sodium nitrite.

The similarities between the cases is remarkable.

In both these prosecutions, the State is arguing that neither salt provides a peaceful death.

This allegation borders on misinformation since Exit has first-hand video of footage of peaceful and reliable deaths, which is why these substances rate 80% (nitrite) and 78% (azide) on the Reliability Peacefulness Table in the Peaceful Pill eHandbook Essentials.