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January 29, 2022

Annual Forum Lockout

From Sunday 30 January 2022, the Exit Peaceful Pill Forums will close & reopen. This is an annual refresh.

To enjoy continued access to the Forums, previous Forum Members are invited to renew their Membership.

Exit Members / PPeH Subscribers who are not yet Forum Members are invited to apply to Join

Each year, Exit closes the online forums as a strict security measure: to ensure that only Exit Members & current Peaceful Pill eHandbook subscribers have access to this special, private online space.

Membership of the Peaceful Pill Forums is a closely guarded privilege. These strong security measures are put in place for the safety & peace of mind of all involved.

Apply to Join/ Rejoin Forums

* Photo ID is required (if not already provided)
* All participants must be aged > 50 years, and of sound mind