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January 22, 2019

The Korean Method – January 2019 PPeH Update

Exit’s latest PPeH update provides a new chapter on the ‘finger techniques’ discussed by Sth Koren spy, Black Venus.

Now the subject of a new documentary, Park Chae-seo aka Black Venus, famously states that he never carried the infamous cyanide pill.  Rather, he was taught to kill himself with his own fingers.

‘The Korean Method’ approach may offer a relatively simple, almost equipment-free, cheap alternative to drugs, gases and poisons. As we mentioned late last year, the approach may have particular relevance to those confined in institutions such as a nursing or care home and hospitals.

In examining the method in forensic detail, Exit concludes that while The Korean Method is not as simple as it initially sounds (nothing ever is), it is also not complicated. For this reason it deserves our attention and has been included as a new Chapter in The Peaceful Pill eHandbook.

The English update is available 26 January 2019.

The Dutch update will be published 27-28 January.

The Italian, German, French and Spanish updates will be available by the beginning of February 2019.

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