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May 4, 2023

Exit Does Not Support ‘Sanctioned Suicide’ Site

This Blog Entry is a FACT CHECK to ensure discussion is based on the truth and not what some would like to believe is the truth.

There are no alternative facts in this regard.

To make it clear, Exit International has NO relationship to the Sanctioned Suicide online forums (despite what some may allege).

Exit does not and never has supported these forums.

Indeed, Exit has reported these forums over the years – when possible to hosting companies – for breach of copyright.

Sanctioned Suicide are well versed in playing cat and mouse in ensuring their site remains live.

Exit has also, in the past, written to the media (eg.BBC) to encourage them to focus on Sanctioned Suicide and use the power of the media to have them taken down, permanently. We have issued more take-down notices that we can count.

Exit continues to work hard to ensure that anyone who is in the Sanctioned Suicide forums does not also have access to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook, even if they are over 50 years.

This is why our high-security, photo ID video authentication and the mandate that one must be over the age of 50 years was instigated prior to the sale of every Peaceful Pill eHandbook.

In terms of copyright, Exit is always aggrieved when the copyright of the authors of the Peaceful Pill eHandbook is breached on any site or any public forum. This is theft.

Exit is especially annoyed when past editions of the book have found their way to the Sanctioned Suicide forums given that its members include young people.

Exit watches the Sanctioned Suicide forums daily.

Exit removes rights of access to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook as soon as we become aware that a person may be posting information from the book. Indeed, posting or sharing the contents of the eHandbook with a third party – online or offline – is a breach of our terms of sale and justification for a life ban on re-subscribing.

In regard to Canadian Kenneth Law, Exit has no association or acquaintance with him. Law is not and never has been a subscriber to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook.

It is a travesty that young people are being needlessly caught up in older people’s legitimate and rightful access to end of life information.

Exit stands by our belief that older people (over 50 years) and those who are seriously ill have a basic right to the best end of life information.

A peaceful death is every (elderly and seriously ill) person’s right!

See the Exit International website for more on Exit’s Philosophy