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March 14, 2022

Exit Live Workshops postponed

Exit Workshops postponed to November 2022 due to difficulties with venues and the Australian floods. 


Exit Workshops

  • free & exclusive for Exit Members
  • face-to-face events
  • back after C19
  • based on the Peaceful Pill eHandbook
  • generally last 4 hours inc 30 minute afternoon/ morning tea break & Q/A

Workshop Topics

  • Voluntary assisted dying (VAD), Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide: a Global Overview
  • Framework: the Good Death as a Human Right, not a medical privilege for the very sick
  • Physiology of a Peaceful Death – what works & why
  • Exit’s RPA Test (Reliability, Peacefulness, Accessibility) – how to compare different options
  • Happy Hypoxia: What is it & why it matters?
  • Prescription Drugs: myths, overdoses, prescription drugs, pain drugs
  • Barbiturates: scams, testing, storage & legals
  • USA Lethal Mixtures Protocol (as used under MAID legislation in the US) & the Cardiac Switch
  • Lethal Salts: the latest news & updates
  • Swiss Services – Pros/ cons of dying in Switzerland
  • Sarco Euthanasia Capsule

Need to Know

Attendance at Exit Workshops is reserved for Exit Members > 50 years & who are seriously ill, or by special agreement.

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