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March 3, 2019

March 2019 PPeH – Dying in Switzerland: the Benefits & Pitfalls

Switzerland is the only country in the world where a foreigner can get lawful help to die.

Switzerland is also the only country in the world where a person does not have be sick, suffering or disabled to get help to die.

This is because the Swiss Penal Code contains a unique article, through a quirk of history that says that as long as a person’s motives are not selfish (eg. not motivated by money or other gain), then it is lawful to help a person to die. And you don’t need to be a doctor!

Given the non-medical nature of Swiss law, why is it that the three main Swiss assisted suicide services that seek to help foreigners have adopted a medical model?

The March 2019 PPeH update takes a fresh look at Dignitas (Zurich), lifecircle/ Eternal SPIRIT (Basel) and EX International (Bern).

In doing so we examine the experiences of Troy Thornton (2019), Professor David Goodall (2018) and Avril Henry who each applied to these services for an assisted suicide.

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