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April 23, 2019

Forthcoming Update to Feature the ‘Rebreather – Debreather’

Marketed as a ‘safety rescue device’, the Rebreather – Debreather Mark II was unveiled at NuTech in Toronto in 2017.

The Rebreather Mark 2

The Rebreather Mark 2

Since this time, significant R&D has taken place. 

The Debreather constitutes a legal method that provides an undetectable death. And its shelf-life is infinite.

A safety rescue device, it will soon be available for sale (from the manufacturer in the US, not from Exit).

A forthcoming update (date to be confirmed) to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook will present a full analysis of the Debreather as it applies to a person’s end of life options.

* Note  this was scheduled for May but the manufacturer requested Exit hold off until final details of availability and cost could be confirmed.

Please note the print 2019 edition of the Peaceful Pill Handbook will not contain this or other updates.

Only the online eHandbook contains regular updates and access to Exit’s online forums (on approval).

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