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December 1, 2016

ALL NEW Chapter 10 Morphine & the Opioids

The December 2016 Peaceful Pill eHandbook Update featured a complete rewrite of Chapter 10 on Morphine & the Opioids.

There is a common myth that a peaceful euthanasia death can be brought about by taking a handful of opiates such as morphine. This is not true!

This new Chapter explains what is and what is not possible.

Chapter Contents

  • The Role of Opiates and Opioids
  • The Dual problems of Sensitivity and Tolerance
  • The Opiate Antidote – Naloxone
  • Morphine
  • ‘Slow Euthanasia’ – The Doctor’s Loophole
  • How Slow Euthanasia Works in Practice
  • Problems with Slow Euthanasia
  • Using Heroin to End Life
  • The New Synthetics – Fentanyl & Carfentanil
  • Opioid Summary
  • The Exit RP Test for Opioids

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