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August 15, 2021

New Exit Podcast

The Azide Wars have come about with the advent in the Netherlands of Middel X as an end of life method.

As a country where voluntary euthanasia has long been legal, there has been a groundswell of discontentment amongst older people who resent having to ask doctors for help to die.

Addressing this souring mood has been activist group CLW who have strongly advocated the use of Middel X, an available, legal inorganic salt they claim provides individuals with a reliable end of life option.

In opposition has been the Dutch Medical Association and prominent right to die activists such as Dutch psychiatrist Boudewijn Chabot who argue that Middel X is a dangerous substance that does not provide the peaceful and reliable death that CLW claim.

The August 2021 PPeH update focuses on the Azide Wars and presents collected data and eye witness accounts so you can draw your own conclusion.

This Podcast takes a deeper look at the issues at stake.

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