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December 4, 2021

Exit Snippet Recordings – Subscribe Now

Online Workshops & Snippets are the flagship program of Exit International.

During 2021, Exit has held monthly online workshops called Snippets with a different topic each month.

Snippets are exclusively for Exit Members & Peaceful Pill eHandbook Subscribers.

Recording Subscription

For those who may have missed a session or want to view again, you can now subscribe to the recordings.

US$25 – Exit Members
US$50 – PPeH Subscribers

Subscribe to Snippet Recordings

If you already subscribe to the Snippet Recordings, you can Log In Here

New recordings are added 28 days after the live session.

Need to Know

  • 70 minutes duration, including participant Q&A.
  • Topics are responsive to new developments & changing circumstances.
  • Participants must be > 50 years & of sound mind. People who are seriously ill are welcome to attend regardless of age.
  • A one month wait period applies for new Exit Members/ PPeH Subscribers before Snippet attendance.

Snippet Topics

February 2021: Lethal Inorganic Salts
March 2021: The Gases
April 2021: Drug Premedication & Potentiation
May 2021: Morphine & the Opioids
June 2021: Dying at Pegasos
July 2021: Miscellaneous Drugs
August 2021: The Barbiturates
October 2021: The Lethal Mixtures
November 2021: The Devices
December 2021: The Year in Review & Late Developments