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December 4, 2019

Spot the Scam December 2019 Update – Now Available

This month’s Peaceful Pill eHandbook focuses on Online Nembutal Scams.

We tell you about about the increasingly sophisticated scammer tactics designed to lure you in:

  • Scam copies of the Peaceful Pill eHandbook (yes you heard right!)
  • Scam Exit Peaceful Pill Forums sites (yes true again)
  • Scam Websites
  • Scam Emails
  • Scam Social Media
  • Scam couriers, insurance & more

What more can we say to warn unsuspecting readers of the ways of the Internet?

This month’s re-write of our ‘Scams Chapter’ is not so much about websites to watch out for. It is to warn readers that ALL websites purporting to sell Nembutal are Scams.