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August 16, 2020

Sarco X Arrives with Oxygen Dropping to < 0.6% in 50 Seconds


After more than two years in development, Exit is pleased to say the latest version of the Sarco euthanasia capsule – Sarco X – has passed its final round of laboratory testing.

What does this mean you ask?

It means that Sarco is ready for use!

Sarco X is the 5th iteration of the Sarco concept.

The first 2 Sarcos were stainless steel test tanks. The first tests featured in the Vice Media documentary Time to Die.

The 3rd Sarco was a laser-cut wood feature mould. This was exhibited at the Amsterdam Funeral Fair in 2018.

The 4th Sarco was exhibited at Venice Design 2019 and is now on display at the Cube Design Museum in the Netherlands.

The 5th Sarco is the one that is destined for use in the context of a peaceful and reliable death, most likely in Switzerland.

Sarco X


The concept of Sarco is to create an oxygen-free environment where the person inside the capsule breathes normally, but in a hypoxic environment.

The hypoxia creates a euphoric feeling before the person loses consciousness and dies peacefully soon after.

The Sarco capsule replaces the Exit Bag.

Sarco supplants the yuk factor of a plastic bag with a beautiful 3D-printed enclosure that gives a nod towards future travel to a destination unknown.

The death that Sarco creates is extremely peaceful.

Another important factor of the Sarco is that it is moveable and can be transported to a location of one’s choosing: be it the mountains, a lake or a favourite view.

And while Sarco X is a single person capsule (and pet?), it will be possible in the future to design and print a couples’ model for those who want to go together.

Fiona and Henny in Sarco


As mentioned above, Sarco X is now complete and ready to be used. In order to reach this final completion stage, the capsule was subject to rigorous, repeated lab testing to ensure that the oxygen level within the capsule would plummet sufficiently and in a short enough time frame to ensure a peaceful and reliable death would result.

Philip Nitschke was pleased (and relieved) to establish that the level of oxygen within the capsule dropped from 21%* to < 0.6% within 50 seconds.

* The air we all breathe contains 21% oxygen.

Sarco testing

Aesthetics & 3D Print

In conceptualising the Sarco, beauty and design were foremost considerations. As such, Sarco X reflects the profile of the human figure at rest. The plastic from which it has been printed is translucent in nature. Gentle mauve LED lighting strips create a welcome and comforting embrace.

The importance of 3D-printing the Sarco is to ensure its replication is legal. Exit has no plans to supply or sell the Sarco. Rather, the plans will be included in The Peaceful Pill eHandbook.

It is for the reader to take the plans to a 3D-printer in their local area and take it from there. It is their decision as to whether the Sarco is used as an oxygen health capsule or as a vehicle to an ‘imaginary heaven‘.

Sarco Success

Future Plans

With Sarco now complete, Exit is commissioning a custom trailer to ensure that Sarco can truly be moved. Important features of the trailer are the low wheel base for easy access and the 360 degree rotating platform for view selection perfection.

Until the onset of COVID-19, Exit expected Sarco to be used in 2020. However with international travel now very difficult, it remains to be seen just when Sarco will be used for the first time.

More about Sarco is at

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