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Welcome to the Peaceful Pill eHandbook

The Peaceful Pill eHandbook by Dr Philip Nitschke is the leading authority on assisted suicide and voluntary euthanasia for elderly/ seriously ill adults.

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Feburary 2015 Update - Now Available 
Facebook scam

Chapter 14: Stop the Scams!

  • Exit closes down Dr John Harris' website

  • Beware  Dr John Harris' new Facebook Page

January 2015 Update
Peaceful Exit

Chapter 14: Internet Scams Update

  • Who is the mysterious Dr Harris?

  • News from Macedonia, Turkey, Ukraine

Chapter 14: Peru Update

  • New developments in Cuzco

Chapter 12: Chloral Hydrate

  • Is it worth the bother?


October 2014 Update
  • Chapter 5: Lung Capacity TestingSpirometry

Hypoxia depends on full lung capacity which is why testing is so important. 

  • Chapter 14: Internet Scams - Dont be fooled

Not content with ripping off your money, new Internet Scam sites inc Facebook are now ripping off Exit's images, words & ideas

  • Chapter 14: News from Mexico

A trusted source takes a break; check the October update for details

July 2014 Update Swiss Flag

  • The New Swiss Option for Non-Swiss Citizens

  • Online Scam Update: More Spoof Websites Revealed

May 2014 Update 

Last Will

  • How to protect your Will in the event that you self-deliver?

  • News of China from Australia: The Feds Raid Exit Members' Homes

  • Online Scam Update: Don't be fooled & Dont blow your $$!

  • Virtual Mailboxes: pros & cons considered

March 2014 UpdateThermometer

  • NEW VIDEO: New Nembutal Triple Test - more accurate, improved test procedure - Includes:

    • Acid Weight Conversion Test (ACT)

    • Dilution Purity Test (DPT) 

    • Melting Point Test (MPT)

  • The Exit Triple Test is now available at the Exit International Store


 January 2014 Update

  • Cyanide Over the Internet: Risks & Legals

  • Mexican Nembutal: Update on the new supplier


December 2013 Update

Betty Max

  • Nurse Betty Explains & Demonstrates Nitrogen

  • New videos: step-by-step know-how on Nitro

  • News flash: A new source of Mexican Nembutal emerges 

November 2013 Update

  • Home Dilution Purity Test - Buy NowDilution test

  • New videos: a step-by-step process of how to reliably test your Nembutal powder or liquid in the privacy of your own home

  • News from Mexico

  • Update on Demise of Silk Road

August 2013 Update

Shelf life

  • New Techniques for Storing your Nembutal Long-term

This new update describes in detail the ways & means of storing powder Nembutal for the long term.  A drug that will be ready if/ when you are.  What could be more comforting?

  • News from Mexico

  • Update on China

  • USA Nembutal Website Scam - BEWARE

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    The Peaceful Pill eHandbook brings Exit International's flagship Workshops into readers' homes, enabling Seniors & those who are seriously ill to make informed end-of-life choices, based upon the best information available.
    Only the eHandbook contains:
    • Over 2.5 hours of videos, full illustrations and photos covering assisted suicide & end of life options
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     About the eHandbook 

    Authored by one of the world's leading experts on Voluntary Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide, The Peaceful Pill eHandbook features videos, illustrations & color photographs on more than 8 distinct end-of-life approaches.
    Chapters include:
    • DIY Peaceful Pill
    • Carbon Monoxide
    • Cyanide
    • After it's over - Coroners, Inquests & Police Investigations
    The eHandbook's unique emphasis on end-of-life strategies that are Reliable & Peaceful serves to prevent unnecessary & unwanted mistakes & upholds a person's right to make informed end-of-life choices.
    Note: This eBook is not intended for the mentally ill or depressed.  Those with psychiatric conditions should contact their  family physicians.  

    Exit 'Reliability - Peacefulness Test'

    Using the latest scientific research on end-of-life choices, Dr Philip Nitschke (PhD, MBBS) employs his 'Reliability - Peacefulness' (RP) Test to analyse & rank end-of-life strategies in simple language.

    Criteria of the RP Test: 
    • Reliability
    • Peacefulness 
    • Availability
    • Preparation
    • Undetectability
    • Speed
    • Safety
    • Storage 
    The Peaceful Pill eHandbook also provides a thorough outline of the legal aspects of various approaches.

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