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July 26, 2020

Is a Nembutal Death ‘Cruel & Unusual’?

In this week’s Podcast, we discuss the controversial use of Nembutal in capital punishment executions in the US.

In particular, we examine the argument that prisoners have recently presented to US Courts that death by pentobarbital injection causes flash pulmonary edema. Flash pulmonary edema, they say, constitutes cruel & unusual punishment. And cruel & unusual punishment is prohibited under the 8th Amendment of the US Constitution.


  • Does Nembutal cause ‘flash pulmonary edema’ & is this a problem?
  • Is Nembutal still the best drug for a peaceful/ reliable death?

The second issue discussed is the global move to re-categorise Nembutal, so Veterinarians are less likely to die from an overdose.

Finally, this week Exit launches our new Stop Scams website at