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March 6, 2022

Let’s Get Psyched Podcast – UNcancelled

Cancel Culture strikes the right to die movement

On Jan 6, 2022 Philip Nitschke was interviewed by Uni of California psychiatry blog “Let’s get Psyched” of his views on the availability of assisted suicide, demedicalising the process, and the ideas driving the Sarco project. The episode was published on Jan 16 as Episode #120 “The world’s foremost advocate for assisted suicide..”

The episode would mysteriously disappear within a week, to be replaced by a new episode #120 “Physician-assisted suicide..” which firmly places the medical profession at the center of the debate.

When Exit sought an explanation of the sudden cancellation, Let’s get Psyched said that the ‘group became divided about the episode. We also received listener feedback expressing concern about the episode’. They said they were seeking the opinion of two bioethicists about a way forward.

Cancel Culture gets UNcancelled with the Podcast Publication.