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The slippery slope

Those who are opposed to rational people having the ability to make their own choices about how their life ends are fond of using the phrase 'the slippery slope' and also of quoting erroneous statistics from The Netherlands. Steven Poole in The Guardian wrote a nice article on the origins ...
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Gotta Love the Irish

In a court case that has caused many to wonder about the state of the Irish nation, Dublin taxi-driver, Gail O'Rorke has recently seen her life played out in Ireland's criminal courts. Her crime? To try to help her good friend and MS sufferer, Bernadette Forde, travel to Dignitas in ...
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MET Interview Philip Nitschke Under Caution on 16 April 2015

So, the MET have received a vexatious complaint from pro-life UK and the Metropolitan Police want to interview Exit Director, Philip Nitschke, under caution? Hell no, don't talk about death and dying. At least not in England. This matter is all about free speech. It is about the Religious Right ...
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Lucretia Seales is a New Zealand lawyer dying of a brain tumour

Lucretia Seales is a New Zealand lawyer dying of a brain tumour. She was interviewed on ABC TV's Lateline show on Friday 10 April 2015.  The interview has many points of note: Lucretia was asked in detail about the desired manner and timing of her death. Her response was the ...
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Nitrogen Preferred as Most Humane Method for Capital Punishment

While Exit is no supporter of the death penalty, we have watched with interest how death penalty-loving states in the US such as Oaklahoma have searched around for other 'acceptable' means to kill prisoners on death row. In light of dwindling supplies of Nembutal from European manufacturers, this State has ...
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