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March 1, 2021

Exit Dying with Dignity Snippets

Exit Dying with Dignity Snippets is a new program of online workshops that was launched by Exit International in February 2021.

  • Mini, Online Workshops hosted by Dr Philip Nitschke
  • Snippets are exclusively for Exit Members & PPeH Subscribers
  • Different topic each month
  • Topics are based on updates to The Peaceful Pill eHandbook

Exit Snippet

Need to Know

  • 70 minutes duration, including participant Q&A
  • Topics will be responsive to new developments & changing circumstances
    • 7 April 21 Topic: Drug Premedication & Potentiation

Time Zones & Days

  • All Snippets held on 1st Wednesday (In Australia/ NZ, the time is Thursday morning because of the time difference)
  • 21.00 BST – 1st Wednesday each month (British Summer Time)
  • 13.00 PST – 1st Wednesday each month (Nth America – west coast)
  • 16.00 EST – 1st Wednesday each month (Nth America – east coast)
  • 6am AEST – 1st Thursday each month (Australia – Sydney/Melbourne)

Cost & Access

  • Live Session – Free for Exit Members
  • PPeH Subscribers attend live session  – US$22.50 per Snippet


  • Recordings are available for purchase ONLY to Exit Members (US$25) & PPeH Subscribers (US$50)
  • 2021 subscription to the recordings will, in time, include all 11 Snippets scheduled between Feb – Dec 2021
  • Each month’s recording is added 30 days after the live session

Note – if you do not subscribe to the PPeH, and you would like to attend a Snippet, you will need to have been welcomed as a member of Exit International.

You can apply to join Exit International. Upon acceptance you will be able to pick and choose your Snippets at no further cost.

Note – Participants must be > 50 years & of sound mind. People who are seriously ill are welcome to attend regardless of age.