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April 21, 2024

Exit Swiss Friend Program Relaunches

Increasingly, Exit Members who go to Switzerland need a helping hand, not only in the lead up to this final journey but on arrival in Basel or Zurich.

In recent months, Exit’s work in helping our members has gone far beyond the official duty of identifying the person to the authorities after they are gone.

Rather, our role is increasingly about being a friendly ear and a supportive shoulder: not only for those who are leaving but, more often than not, for those who are left behind.

For these reasons the Exit ID Application Program has been replaced with the Exit Swiss Friend Assistance Program instead.

An Exit Friend can:

  • Meet you at the airport on your arrival & stay by your side until you ‘depart’
  • Help you with your hotel stay, eating out & getting around
  • Help you to tick-off your bucket-list (if there are last things you’d like to see/ do)
  • Be with you when you receive the clinic doctor for the final assessment
  • Travel with you to the clinic on the day & be with you in your final hours
  • ID you to the authorities after you are gone (this way you may not need to provide dental records)
  • Ensure that your personal belongings to be returned to your family/ friends after you are gone
  • Phone/ email your family/ friends to let them know how it all went
  • Chase up the delivery of your ashes/ death certificate

The Peaceful Pill eHandbook Essentials and Going to Switzerland discuss the new program in greater detail.

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Note – neither print edition of the above books include this updated Program.