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September 6, 2020

Getting to know Sean Davison Podcast

Fiona Stewart

I’ve known of Sean Davison a lot longer than I’ve known the man.

But the more I talk to him and listen, the more amazed I am at his goodwill towards the world.

When Sean says he had no choice but to help the three men in South Africa who he would later be found guilty of murdering, he really means it.

He says he could not walk away.

The same applies to the help he gave his mum, Dr Patricia Ferguson, who died in New Zealand in 2010.

Sean went home to spend precious time with Pat before she died.

She wanted to die at home and went on a hunger strike in the mistaken belief that this would be a reliable and peaceful way to bring an end to her suffering (from cancer). (She did not have the Peaceful Pill Handbook which was published in 2006 but banned in NZ in 2008).

However, Pat’s hunger strike failed and it was to Sean that she then turned for help.

Being a dutiful son, he did the right thing.

The only problem was that the right thing was not the lawful thing.

This was the beginning of Sean’s troubles with the law.

This week’s Doxit Podcast provides a roller-coaster ride through Sean’s recent years of right to die activism.

He is an accidental activist for sure, but then who of us is not?

During our interview, there were times when I wanted to shake the man and tell him that the problems of the world were not his to solve.

But he would have none of it.

I can say I got some comfort in his response to my question inquiring if he would do it all again.

He replied ‘my children need a father not a matyr’.

Thank goodness for fatherhood!

You are invited to listen to Sean Davison at Exit International’s Podcast website at or wherever you get your podcast streams.

Doxit with Sean Davison