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March 15, 2021

March 2021 PPeH Update

The March 2021 PPeH Update focuses on a New Gases Chapter (available 28 March) Peaceful Pill eHandbook where discussion has been expanded to include the examination of the new coronavirus protection helmets.

As highlighted in the recent Email Newsletter, Exit has also launched a Citizen Science Initiative in an effort to harness the smarts within the Exit community.

Our first project is to explore the possible ways that Coronavirus protection helmets might replace the exit bag, when it comes to a peaceful death with an inert gas such as nitrogen.

In the March 2021 PPeH Update, the existing Gases Chapter has received an entire overhaul, dismissing helium as yesterday’s news in place of a renewed emphasis on nitrogen. Remember, nitrogen is 100% lawful, no ifs and no buts.

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March 2021 PPeH Update