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Why People seek out the
Peaceful Pill Handbook

Kevin, Canada

Retired and seeking a peaceful and painless end via “death with dignity” rather than to slowing decay and become infirm and decrepit living in a Long Term Care Home without freewill, mobility, or honour.

Marvin, USA

I am a (still) healthy working professional who wants all options in his own hands. And not wanting to be dependant of family and/or medical professionals when life is not worth living anymore. I do hope that will take a while, I enjoy life.

Michael, Australia

Though I am healthy now I have a strong desire to decide the circumstances and timing of my death. I do not want to be dependent on others to care for me or make that decision for me.

Sue, USA

I am a healthcare worker and work on many elderly patients as they come through the ER. When it is my time to die I do not wish to die in an ER or ICU under the current end of life protocols.

Brian, USA

Healthy and Happy 80+ year old just wanting information for that future that comes to us all!

Robert, UK

I have been researching this issue for my 95 yr old mother who is ready to move on. I promised her over 40 years ago when asked that when the time came and she needed my help I would.

Katie, Israel

Normative person hoping for the best and preparing for the worst.

Sandra, Australia

Bowel cancer 3c patient who wants to have some control on how I go when the time is right.

John, USA

I am 78 years old with no desire to die in hospital under intrusive rules made by people with no moral authority to make them.