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July 31, 2016

Why Legalized Testing of Nembutal is Common Sense

In mid July at the Secret Garden Party Festival in Cambridgeshire in the UK, The Loop alcohol and drug testing service achieved the impossible.

They conducted police-approved, lawful drug testing for party-goers. writes that a 10m sq patch of lawn became Ground Zero for those wanting their party drugs tested.

This is how it worked.

Party-goers would bring a sample of their drugs in for testing.

Those drugs were put through a rigorous three-phase testing process where they were ‘tested for content, purity and strength by a team of chemists without any police interference.’

The testing took around 15 minutes.

‘When those using the service came back to collect their results, they were given individually tailored, free and confidential advice by experienced drugs workers.’

‘This was not ‘drug checking’ to ensure safer consumption, but harm minimisation.’

‘And yes, it was legal.’

‘No drugs were returned to users and all drugs were destroyed in the testing process, with police collecting any remnants.’

The parallels with Nembutal testing for the elderly are clear.

Bring in a sample of what you have?

The sample will not be returned to you.

Post-analysis you will know if you have a lethal drug or not.

At this point you will be subject to counseling.

Nothing patronising, just common sense.

Do you have the mental capacity to make decisions about your life and death?

Do you realise what would happen if you were to take your drug?

Counseling that ensures that you have the ability to make your own informed decisions and you understand the consequences of them.

Knowing you have the ‘real thing’, you could go home, lock it safely away secure in the knowledge that your insurance for the future is assured, while hoping all the while you’ll never need it.

If you have been cheated (perhaps by an unscrupulous online Nembutal scammer), you can flush your product away, grateful that you may have just been saved from a fate worse than death.

Think about it.

 Fiona Stewart, PhD LLB

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