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January 9, 2017

Harm Minimization & Drug Testing

The January 2017 Update to The Peaceful Pill eHandbook identifies a commercial laboratory that will test your Nembutal.

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The decision to die is the most serious and profound decision any of us will ever make.

At Exit we believe that the decision to die at a time and place of our choosing is a fundamental human and civil right.

A good death – euthanasia  – is not a privilege to be bestowed only on the very sick by the medical profession.

Rather, it is something that should be within the reach – if desired – of every rational adult.

Putting an end of life plan in place allows an individual to organize their death.

While there is a range of ways that a peaceful, reliable death can be achieved, for many the role of the barbiturates is top among the possibilities.

Pentobarbital powder from China or liquid from South America each provide a peaceful, reliable death. But only if they are not adulterated.

The testing of barbiturate powder will give its owner peace of mind when and if the time arises for its use.

More than this, verification that the powder purchased as Nembutal is indeed Nembutal is the responsible thing to do. This will benefit those who might be with the person when they ‘exit’, and others who might find the person in the morning.

The right to a peaceful and reliable death brings with it responsibility.

Drug-testing to ensures that one’s Nembutal is the real thing, is a strategy of harm minimization.

Harm minimization has emerged in modern medicine as a guiding principle.

This is because testing addresses the risk of failure and the possibility of a nasty surprise which a failed attempt ultimately brings.

Positive test results should bring peace of mind to all concerned.

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Free preview at: The Peaceful Pill eHandbook