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Peaceful Pill Blog

Adam Maier Clayton

Mental Illness & the Good Death

This blog entry has been prompted by the recent wave of law reform occurring in Australia and its neighbour, New Zealand. From a rocky start some 25 years ago when the Northern Territory (one of Australia's 3 territories vis a vis states) passed the Rights of the Terminally Ill Act ...
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Philip Nitschke in Zurich

Dying in Switzerland during COVID-19

This week's news has concerned an anonymous 45 year old British woman (Ms Anon) who went public with her plight to die. According to the media reports, her story went like this. She had gone from working in a senior position in the NHS (National Health Service). But then got ...
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NZ Euthanasia Referendum

NZ Votes Yes to Voluntary Euthanasia

On Saturday 17 October 2020, New Zealand held its most recent federal election. Coupled with the election were 2 referenda. One on euthanasia, the other on cannabis. In counting to date, around 65% of voters voted in favour of legalising assisted suicide/ assisted dying for the terminally ill. The final ...
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Doxit with Sean Davison

Getting to know Sean Davison Podcast

Fiona Stewart I've known of Sean Davison a lot longer than I've known the man. But the more I talk to him and listen, the more amazed I am at his goodwill towards the world. When Sean says he had no choice but to help the three men in South ...
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Fiona and Henny in Sarco

Sarco X Arrives with Oxygen Dropping to < 0.6% in 50 Seconds

History After more than two years in development, Exit is pleased to say the latest version of the Sarco euthanasia capsule - Sarco X - has passed its final round of laboratory testing. What does this mean you ask? It means that Sarco is ready for use! Sarco X is ...
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VAD Survey Results

VAD Survey by Dr David Swanton, Ethical Rights, Canberra Australia (Survey developed in conjunction with Dr Wendy Gunthorpe, Straight Talk Consulting) Survey Background Survey conducted: 27 July 2020 -  27 February 2021 Sent to World Federation of Right to Die Societies, Exit International, Dying with Dignity (DWD) and Voluntary Euthanasia ...
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Philip Nitschke

Corona Virus is Personal

There is no denying, the Corona Virus is personal. Not just because it has disrupted the 'business' of Exit with our workshops and chapter meetings cancelled and those of you who comprise our membership among the people most at risk due to age (and with age other health complaints). But, ...
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Fish tank chloroquine

All About Chloroquine

STOP PRESS -  Coming in June 2020 - PPeH Update on Chloroquine Phosphate & Hydroxychloroquine Blog As readers may have heard, Hydroxy-chloroquine and Chloroquine Phosphate (both anti-malarial drugs) have both been widely reported as possible treatments for COVID. This stems from their anti-viral properties. Although their efficacy in fighting COVID ...
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Sandy Bem

The Last Day of Her Life – New York Times

17 May 2015 When Sandy Bem found out she had Alzheimer’s, she resolved that before the disease stole her mind, she would kill herself. The question was, when? Sandy Bem, a Cornell psychology professor one month shy of her 65th birthday, was alone in her bedroom one night in May ...
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Wall St Journal: My 100 Love Letters to My Dying Father

Two days before Christmas, my father told me he was thinking about shooting himself. It was the winter of 2014, and we were alone in his guesthouse in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I remember the cold electricity of the moment. I sat down on the coffee table and stared at ...
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